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Teach Me PC automates your business.

Our mission is to reduce or eliminate your day-to-day paperwork by writing custom software (designed according to your specifications) that makes your computer do these tasks for you automatically.

Visit our client success page for examples of how we accomplish this.

Two important benefits we can offer you are: savings in company costs by streamlining processes and, increasing the capacity for your company to generate more revenue.

Our available software development tools include: Off-the-shelf Visual Studio solutions, Access and SQL Server database design, Microsoft Office templates and macros, and web development with HTML and ASP.

As part of our total solution, we also provide a full range of networking and software support services including custom-built desktop computers, software troubleshooting and upgrades, and server and email administration.

To help your management and staff get the most productivity from their desktop applications while on the job, we offer computer training on the Microsoft Office Suite of products such as Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

Read our frequently asked questions page which has helpful information on our company and how to get started. If you would like to know more about our products and services or have some questions, visit our contact page.

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