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A Personal Glimpse of Joe Giaquinto

After graduating college in 1979 with a degree in broadcasting, I started my career working in upstate New York at a local college television station. I originally thought I would pursue a career in film and radio but ended up in more of the technical side than the creative side.

I moved back to New York and got a job working in the transportation industry as a sales rep, supporting technical products, eventually moving into a sales management position and running operations in the Northeast for the owner of the company.

I admired the success that my boss had achieved and hoped one day to run my own business based on the experiences I had learned working for him.

After he retired in 1988, I went to work for the firm that he sold the business to. It was a larger company with many opportunities but I still did not have the level of control over my own career that I wanted.

In 1990 the company sent me on a sales convention to Las Vegas and I got my first taste of the West Coast. I realized how many other opportunities existed beyond my original view of the world and this was the writing on the wall that it was time to make a change and try a different career and location.

I moved to Southern California in 1991. For the next few years I tried my hand at various jobs, looking for a career that best suited me. But I was just not happy working for anyone else. Then in 1996, a neighbor asked me to help her write a grant proposal for a small school she was funding. She also wanted help mail-merging the grant letters.

The project was so successful that my neighbor had more offers for grants than she had ever thought possible. And for this effort, my neighbor wrote me a check for $150 as compensation.

I looked at the check and the light bulb went off in my head. The money was mine for work I alone did. Maybe I could get more jobs like this and my dream of owning my own business became real.

For the next couple of years I worked as a computer store rep to pay the rent while in my spare time I taught myself computer programming. I had always been into computers as a hobby so I learned quickly. Eventually, I began picking up consulting jobs on the side.

When my business generated enough income to quit my computer-store job, I went full time writing software and teaching people how to use computer technology. That was back in 1996.

Today my company, Teach Me PC.Net, creates custom software, databases and web sites and offers computer training to small and medium sized businesses.

Our projects focus in three primary areas: Reducing company costs through automation of routine tasks, providing management with better information and reporting tools, and creating databases to help companies manage their clients better.

For me, the opportunity to help people better their lives through the use of technology plus the thrill of running my own business and controlling my own destiny is something I wouldn’t give up for the world.

- Joe G

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