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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff. We are committed to providing our clients with helpful business, sales and technical advice. Our contact phone and address is here.

How can I learn more about your company?

If you need additional information on Teach Me PC's list of products and services, have a specific project in mind that you wish to discuss with us, or have any other questions at all, contact us at your convenience.

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How long have you been in business?

Teach Me PC opened its doors in 1996. The owner has been in the computing business since 1982.

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How do you charge for your products & services?

Teach Me PC's rates are competitive with the market. We believe in quality work and therefore do not sell on the merit of price alone. The cost of our products and services, therefore, depends on the type of project and expertise required.

Small projects or ad-hoc/as-needed work are usually billed at an hourly rate. Larger projects (requiring an in-depth analysis and list of design specifications) are quoted by the job.

Costs depend on several key factors:

  • The size, effort and duration of the project

  • The list of features (bells and whistles) that you desire

  • The specialties and expertise required of our staff

  • Any special software, hardware, or other related expenses that are required to successfully complete the project

After we analyze your needs and design a project plan, we will be in a better position to quote you a price.

We have found that the most successful projects begin with a good foundation and detailed planning before any programming has begun. If we determine that the project goals are not realistic, or costs fall outside the budgetary constraints of your company, or we are not in a position to handle your project at this time, we will let you know at the outset.

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Do you guarantee your work?

Yes we do!

Of course, any project, large or small, can run into unexpected challenges. Our commitment to you, our client, will always be to deliver as promised - to your satisfaction.

We will do our best to cover all the bases before starting work. Should the project run into any difficulties, we will work with you to solve these issues, in order to complete the project successfully.

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Why is programming so expensive?

People oftentimes ask us why programming costs are so high. Part of the perception that software should be inexpensive comes from the experience most computer users have with purchasing software off the store shelf.

You can buy some pretty good software from your local computer store for under a $100. Conversely, just a single hour's worth of custom programming will cost more than you'll spend on the entire software package from the store.

Remember that the software you buy in the store may only cost $100 but it may have cost the company an original investment of millions of dollars to produce and perfect before it was ready for the retail markets.

When you hire a programmer to write a program from scratch, you have to expect that development costs - designing, writing and testing the program out of the box the first time - to be more costly than an off-the-shelf solution.

So, if custom programming costs a lot more money than the store brand, what do you get in return?

The advantage that a custom solution will always have over off-the-shelf products is that you a product that is tailored to your exact needs. And, you can later modify the software as your business requirements grow or change.

Therefore, while it is initially more expensive software, in the long term, your savings will be greater with the custom solution.

To ensure your satisfaction, we work closely with you on the list of features that the custom software must have in order for your business to attain the goals you set out to accomplish.

And if we can't help your business reach these goals, we will recommend you not allocate this money on the project in the first place.

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Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes. After our consultation, should you decide to have us spec out the project in detail (in preparation to complete the job) we would log this time as billable (and it would be included as part of our total project cost).

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Do you charge for travel?

We do not charge travel time for local work. Local work is considered:

For Californians: Any location within approximately a 30-mile radius of our Fountain Valley, California office.

For New Yorkers: Any location in the City of New York or in Suffolk and Nassau counties on Long Island.

Note: We have found it more beneficial for both the client and our company to work in the immediate region since this enables us to reach our clients in a timely manner and handle our work more efficiently. It also helps us market better in order to serve our client's needs.

We would consider long-distance contracts. However, it would have to be discussed in more detail before we accepted the work. After all, we don't want to disappoint you :)

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Can you send me some information?

We'd be happy to... but we'd rather call you first. After all, we are in a people business and consider your work too important to pass off by sending a brochure in the mail. Why not take that first step and contact us? We may have the answers you're looking for.

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Where is your company located?

We currently have two locations that serve both East Coast and West Coast regions. Our offices are in Orange County, California and Hampton Bays, New York.

Our contact phone and address is here.

Are you affiliated with Teach Me in Michigan?

No, it is a separate company.

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