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Managing Documents Efficiently

50,000 documents can be managed, tracked, edited and reviewed by just entering a few pieces of information at the start of the project. Custom editing projects can be assigned to individual staff. At publishing time, selected documents can be burned onto CD for distribution to clients.

Automating a Production Process

At publication time, the production manager presses a single button to create a new book. Production time is reduced significantly, allowing valuable time to be spent on the book review and printing process.

Mining for Data

The system ties together real-time data from several in-house accounting and client databases to provide key account managers with data management, forecasting, account order status, historical data tracking and reporting.

Managing Customers More Effectively

Their busy office handles both residential and commercial properties. Their custom database includes user-friendly screens, customizable appraisal reports, and a powerful search engine.

Reducing Paperwork and Staffing Costs

Attorneys and staff can create on-the-fly letters and faxes through a user-friendly interface. Features include user-selectable letterheads, automatic lookup tables, and one-stop maintenance for all company document templates.

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